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About us

Sportiff is an advocate of sports for young and old, at all levels. We believe that everyone deserves unique sportswear of good quality. That is our motivation and we are 100% committed to that!

Personal attention

Sportiff will build you a fully personalized webshop. Logo, colors, slogan. Everything is arranged according to your club, school or company wishes. Members can place their own orders here.

Your own webshop

At Sportiff, we value personal attention. An advisor from your area will visit you and guide you through the entire process. You only need to indicate your needs and budget. We take care of the rest.


Our own brand of sportswear is high quality, strong and comfortable, comparable to all major sports brands. We choose this so you get sportswear of the best quality at an affordable price and we have complete freedom in design.

Focus on your revenue model

We like to make sure that selling your collection is a success and that the business model is interesting for your club, school or companyforyou. With this focus, we advise on sales prices and provide tips to maximize the return on your webshop.

Unique design

You are unique, so your kit should be too. Sportiff makes sure of that! We do not work with a standard catalog, so we are not limited to certain lines or patterns. Our professional designers create 100% unique design for you, so your collection is not only “one of a kind,” but also independent of emerging and ongoing trends. So it is always available.


It is important to us that good quality sportswear remains affordable for everyone. By remaining independent of big brands, offering real added value to our customers and setting up our processes efficiently, we can do that. By using our own products, personal advice and an efficient process, we can. Together with you, we find the ideal collection within your budget

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