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How it works

Whether you are looking for unique sportswear for your team, club, school, foundation, company or any other organization, at Sportiff you will receive personal guidance in realizing and selling it. Our advisor, your permanent contact and sparring partner, will listen to your wishes, come up with ideas and arrange everything for you. Request a free personal consultation or read more about how everything works.

1. Personalized advice

An advisor from Sportiff will come to your home and take care of your needs and ideas. The advisor gives you personal advice about the possibilities and pleasant and also what your budget is. Sportiff will work on this. All completely without obligation.

2. Professional design

Color, design, fabric and style. Our team of professional designers will create a 100% unique design based on your requirements. Your personal consultant checks the design and approves it only when it fully meets what you have discussed together.

3. Check

You get a drawing of what your sportswear might look like. Is it exactly what you were looking for, super good! Then we go to the next step. Is it not quite what you wanted? No problem, we go back to the drawing board until you are 100% satisfied. All completely without obligation.

4. Free proof

Once the design is completely tailored to your needs, you will receive the first samples. Cool, to actually have this first product in your hands! Is everything exactly as you expected or even better? If not, we will adjust the samples until you are 100% satisfied.

5. Your own web shop

Simultaneously with the start of production, we build a fully personalized webshop for you. Through this webshop everyone can order their own clothes. Check out the demo webshop to see what a webshop can look like.

6. Sell with focus on your business model

The collection and webshop have been realized. On to sales! Here too we will guide you. We provide the necessary fitting sizes so that members can easily make their choice. In addition, we focus on your business model. We provide recommended prices for each product. We also advise you on how to get the maximum return from your webshop so that you can achieve your desired earnings.